Women's Camps
Our Women's Camps are some of the best ways to learn in an encouraging and fun environment. We are passionate about seeing more women in the sport and have been running camps since we started - Over 15 years!
Summer 2024
Nitinaht Lake

Nitinaht 2024 camp dates!

Beginner Women’s Camps Dates:
3 days of lessons catered to beginners.
June 24 to 26th
August 19th to 21st

Intermediate Women’s Camp Dates
Come learn some tricks, from toe side turns to surfboard or unhook tricks. Up your game with this 3 day camp.
July 22st to 24th
**Must be able to ride upwind.

Our Camps

Elevation’s women’s camps are the way to go for any women that would like to give kiteboarding a try, meet other women kiteboarder’s or just push their skills to the next level.

Our experienced instructors, women specific gear and the fun shared experience has proved to be a winning combination. This camp is built to help women become safe, independent and confident kiteboarders.

Our 3 day kite camp for women taught is a fun and non-intimidating way to learn.

Womenʼs camps are 3 days long, the perfect amount of time to go through all the safeties, practice launching and landing, kite flying, kite control, self rescue, body dragging, introducing the board, riding or improving your kiteboarding skills if you are no longer a beginner. From years of hosting women’s camps, we have found that the group setting creates a non-intimidating and confidence building atmosphere, promoting a positive experience to the camp participants.

Our aim for all our students is to teach you the skills to become an independent, safe and confident kiteboarder.

The camp runs from 10:30 am to about 4 or 5 pm. We ask students to bring a lunch and some water, your wetsuit. The lake is ocean-fed and is cooler, we recommend bringing a 5,4 mil full wetsuit to keep you warm during the camp. The lessons are watercraft assisted with the instructor beside the student on the water. We provide all the kiteboarding equipment and use the latest Duotone kites and boards.


Day 1 will consist of all kite flying and safety stuff for beginners. Intermediate students will get a good safety refresher then get to the water.

Day 2 Water all day 🙂

Day 3 Water all day

We supply all of the equipment but suggest that you bring your own wetsuit and booties.

If you would like to learn on your own gear, bring it with you, we are happy to help you get to know it. 

$959 plus tax per person

Need accommodation?

You can stay at the Nitinaht Campsite for $40/ night

Bring your camping gear, food and everything you might need for an awesome few days. The school is just a few steps away from your campsite.

When I first started kiteboarding there were very few women in the sport. From the beach, it looked extreme and streighnous… but, I later found out that it’s not! Feeling empowered made me want to show other women that they can do it too. This is why I started teaching kiteboarding. There is no better feeling then to push one’s limits, see the progression and feel rewarded. Creating an environment where women are able to share their fears and their accomplishments makes my job the best in the world!

Marie-Christine Leclerc Owner, Elevation Kiteboarding