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La Ventana - Mexico // Nitinaht Lake - Canada

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Make the most of those no wind mornings and learn the foil board, then when the wind comes up we'll get you out there on the wing!
Teaching Kiting Since 2005

We offer kitesurfing lessons for all age and all levels using the most advanced teaching techniques. Our watercraft assisted lessons are efficient and safe. We customize the lessons for each student’s needs and ability. Our instructors are experienced, IKO certified and insured.

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Set up at our school in Nitinaht Lake, our live webcam is ready for you to see what your friends are up to when you're at home, check out the conditions, see what kite sizes people are riding or to just to have mad fomo about the amazing wind.

Duotone - ION

We don't just sell Duotone, we ride it, we experiment, we use the gear for our lessons, we learn it and we educate. We can help you find the perfect match for you.

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where we teach
La Ventana Nitinaht Lake

Our school is in Baja, Mexico for the winter, and on Vancouver Island in Canada in the summer. Both are well known for consistant wind, incredible communities and amazing kiting!

La Ventana, Baja, Mexico

Nitinaht Lake, BC, Canada