Spring is coming

Spring is coming

It is April, and I am switching from my winter into the summer mode. I am getting excited about kiting. I just put my snow gear away, stashed my snowboard and I am ready to play with the wind the water and a slightly wider and thicker board.

Oh… let me introduce myself, I am JC, Jean-Claude for the French speakers, and I will be again managing, together with my friend David, the Elevation Kiteboarding shop/school at Lake Nitinaht.

We have a lot planned for the 2024 Lake Nitinaht season. The Elevation Kiteboarding camp should be set-up by the end of May and if the weather cooperates we will be up and running by June 1st. If you are interested in our events, follow this link to the dates for the Woman's Camps. Sign up early and reserve your spot on the campground so you will not miss out. In addition we are also planning the ever popular demo days, most likely one event each month, starting in June on Father’s Day, then the July, August and September long weekends.

So… have you made plans to come to the Lake yet? Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us by following this link at any time.

I will be back with more news and announcements shortly, until then…