Kiting at Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada summer 2021

Kiting at Nitinat Lake, Vancouver Island, B.C, Canada summer 2021

After a year off, Elevation Kiteboarding and Nitinat Lake campground finally reopen the sites for us kiteboarders and campers. The season was fantastic, warm weather, quiet campground, not many kiteboarders on the lake and very, very windy.

Our school had fewer instructors this year and a lot of names on our list of extras every day. We would like to thank our clients and students for their patience and for coming to the school everyday to check in hoping to get a spot with an one of Elevation instructors and getting out there riding with us. Next year we will have a lot more help and will be able to help more students getting fun and safe lessons with our team of super awesome instructors.

We do recommend you book your lessons early for next year/summer at Nitinat. Contact us in the spring or earlier and confirm your dates and booking with us. Our schedule fills up quickly and students booked on certain dates have priority. Months of July and August are always the best as the days are longer and it is windy for hours at that time of year. Thermal wind is the only wind we get in Nitinat during the summer. Sun is shining and there is none or very little rain on the forecast means very good for steady, consistent and predictable wind, perfect for kiteboarding !

Thanks to all of our students this past summer, it was such a great time and lots of you were returning every week or every day for the ones that had a reservations at the campground for many weeks. We will keep everyone posted about next year’s regulations at the campground and site. Fingers crossed the sites are all open and we can get more students and campers at the lake for the months of May, June, July, August and September.

We think a ton of our students this summer reached their goal kiting and learning with us whether the goal was to ride upwind, do a downloop toeside transition, self rescue in the water or maybe just slowing down riding.

There is so much to learn and we already look forward teaching kiting next season on Vancouver Island, beautiful British Columbia.

See you in May and do not forget to book your lessons early: