End of the Season Sale!

End of the Season Sale!

End of the season Sale - the last of the school gear

Kites -North Rebels 2013

  • 7 meter Rebel complete –  Barely used with brand new bar( 24 meter lines):  $885 + tax
  • 7 meter Rebel complete – Used with used bar (19 meter lines): $700 + tax
  • 8 meter Rebel complete – Excellent conditions with new bar: $920 + tax
  • 11 meter Rebel – Used with brand new bar: $890 + tax
  • 11 meter Rebel – Brand new with brand new bar and lines: $1500 + tax
  • 14 meter Rebel – Barely used complete with used bar and lines: $980 + tax


  • North Jaime(2013) 136cm: $495 + tax
  • North Xride(2012) 136cm: $375 + tax
  • North Xride(2013) 133cm: $425 + tax
  • North Xride(2013) 136 cm: $425 + tax 


EMAIL US to inquire/purchase!

  1. Justin Kacz says:

    Hey guys I’m wondering what you have left in your stock that could make it back up to Vancouver. I had a blast this summer on the North 10m but could go for something a bit larger. Also was stoked on your wider surf sticks. Let me know whats left and maybe we can work out a deal.

  2. Barry Samson says:

    Looking for 14 meter and 7 meter rebel. I have been looking for awhile and am ready to buy . Let me know if you have anything for me .

    thank you

  3. Mireille says:

    Hey fellow kiters! Do you still have those two rebel 7m? Im interested in getting one of them.
    Please let me know.
    Have a great Day,

  4. Martin says:

    do you still have Jaime 2013 and Rebels ?
    Please let me know
    Thank you


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