Brand New 2012 North Rebel 10m Complete

Brand New 2012 North Rebel 10m Complete

Brand New 2012 North Rebel 10m Complete: $1,095


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  1. Mark Hall says:

    Hey Mark, I’m a friend of Sean Fairfield and Cathy Maclean I am definately buying a kite in the next month. It finally clicked on thursday … up and riding both directions … so stoked, can’t stop smiling

    I am definatly interested in the 10m North Rebel, Sean can’t stop saying good things about it …. I am hoping to demo one at the spit in the next week …..

    I originally learnt to kite at nitinat 2 summers ago …. lucy was my instructor and she was awesome ….

    A few people have told me to avoid 5 line kites because they can invert and rip in half when your learning to kite ???? just wondering if you have had any trouble with that because you use 5 line kites all the time when teaching ????

    I used to teach wakeboarding … I can do Raley’s and a bunch of flips behind the boat …. (well a few years ago I could) I was wondering if the North Vegas might be better suited for me and what size you might recommend???

    I’m not sure if I want to do all the wakeboard tricks … I do like edging and going big in most things I do ….

    I’ve only had 5 days on the water with a kite … so still a lot to learn … do I even need a high performance kite to start????

    Anyway Mark any information you can tell me would be appreciated …

    there is a demo day at the spit on the 15th ,16th june so may hold out to then … think I need to ride a few different kites before I buy one ….

    but I am very interested in the 10m rebel, heard lots of good things about it

    I am nearly 6ft tall and weigh around 185lb




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