• Come learn with us!

    IKO Certified and Insured Instructors
    Teaching Since 2005
    Watercraft Assisted Lessons
    Women's Clinics and Kids Program
    Teaching on the Latest North and Dakine Gear
    Lessons Available in English, French and Spanish
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  • Nitinaht Lake, BC

    IKO Insured
    Experienced and Certified Instructors
    Steady Wind from June to September
    Watercraft Assisted Lessons
    North Demo Center
    Assisted Downwinders and Gear Rental
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  • La Ventana, Mexico

    Wide Sandy Beach
    Consistent Wind from November to April
    IKO Certified Instructors
    Radio/Watercraft Assisted Lessons
    Island Trips
    5 Mile Downwinders
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Elevation kiteboarding is a group of dedicated kiteboarders who push the limits in terms of freestyle and teaching techniques. We have been pioneering the sport on the west coast since 2002 and have seen the evolution of the sport and developed a unique lifestyle.We offer kitesurfing lessons for all levels using the most advanced teaching techniques. From radio assisted lessons with the latest waterproof radio helmet systems to watercraft assisted lessons, we customize the lessons to our student’s needs. From beginner to advanced, we cater to all level riders. Ask us about our women’s camps, lessons for kids, island trips, downwinders and more. Always using the latest gear for our lessons, we supply kites, boards, harnesses, life jackets and helmets to all our students.
Our team has traveled the west coast in search of the best windy beaches for the past few years. These experiences have led us to Nitinaht Lake on Vancouver Island for its perfect steady winds. Only a couple hours away from Nanaimo or Victoria, Nitinaht offers an amazing experience to beginner kiteboarders. Being one of the most consistent windy beach in Canada, we get traffic from Vancouver Island but also, Vancouver, Squamish and the surroundings. Come for an awesome kitesurfing holiday from june to september at Nitinaht.La Ventana, Baja Mexico is our winter destination. La Ventana is recognized for its great conditions and huge sandy beaches. It used to be a really popular windsurfing destination and now if also full of kitesurfers. The windy season is from november to april. We also have an awesome kite shop with the best brands on the market. With a full coffee shop and this coming season will have a full bar, perfect for Happy hour after your kitesurfing lessons.

Our instructors are experienced, IKO certified and insured. Their mission is to take you to the next level while making it safe and fun. You can learn with our English, French or Spanish speaking instructors.
We use the latest gear on the market to make sure your learning process is as easy and safe as possible.Using North Kites and boards, Mystic gear and more we make sure our students have lots to choose from. Our online kite shop shows you all the products that will be used during the lessons. You can also purchase your kite gear after your lessons and get a student discount.

Our goal is to make it an amazing experience for all our students.

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The BEACHDOG is a high performance, kite specific skimboard which performs well in all wind conditions.

Beachdog Skim Board
  • For strapless kiting, this skim shreds all conditions.
  • Great light wind board for those mellow days.
  • Amazing in powered conditions with massive pop.
  • Fun in small to medium sized waves.
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Learn to kiteboard with style. Check out our instructors in “My Session Vol. 1” – a kiteboarding instructional DVD
by Leading Edge Productions featuring instructors from our school. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think …

Picture of the cover of our DVD - My Session Vol.1
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Our address:
CANADA - 3937 14th Ave, Port Alberni, British Columbia, V9Y 5C4, Canada [Phone] (604) 848-5197
MEXICO - APDO Postal 588, La Paz, Baja California Sur 23000, Mexico [Phone] 011-52-612-114-0001(from the US), 612-114-0001(from Mexico)

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